MySide is an innovative decentralized, and highly secure social media app.

Imajine was hired for the entire product design and development.




The challenge

There are no main stream decentralized social media networks that also give users control over privacy and personal data

A government contracting firm came up with the idea for MySide but didn’t have the in-house team to design and engineer it.

Our solution

To execute our client’s value proposition, we analyzed the social media industy and top-tier technologies to implement the highest quality vision of the software

In the process, we considered design patterns of use from social networks, studied API’s, ran SaaS financial models, analyzed user experience improvements taking into consideration user centric design, and engineered a custom database /front end/back end.

Design process

At Imajine Studio we designed and developed a fully decentralized social network considering special features that allows to the user to keep their information safe, even customize their experience as they like

1. Define user types and create the best experience for them

To obtain the best result, we execute UX research techniques that fit best with the social media industy.


Considering that MySide is a social network, our main information source was “Benchmarking”. We implemented a tool that allows us to collect information from current similar products, compare, analyze and define the features that should be included the product.

After completing this process, our team then generates
An Information Architecture i.e. a structure of the app
Userflows, i.e. how users will flow page by page in the app
Tree Testing, i.e. testing performed with our client for mutual acceptance

Visual components

We design a collections of assests thats contains a set of design elements such as UI components and styles. This UI components are elements that convey meaning and provide functionality to users.
Those elements are, fonts, layered design files, icons and documentations.
It’s necessary to have a UI kit, because we need that all those elements look harmoniuos.



2. Translate the UX Research into visual elements

The visual elements are the main reusable components and styles used throughout the software system.

To highlight to users MySide’s value proposition, it requires UX components that give a feeling of security, highlight control over their data, and expose a level of transparency for all users of the system.


Feature Highlight


Join groups and interact with other others with same interests

This feature allows users to choose with whom they want to share their content and their thoughts. The groups are similar to a closed community that can be used to connect with family, friends or new people.

Create groups with different types of privacy and posts

The users can create their own groups and define what type of group the would like to create… a public community that can be found via search OR a private group which is invite only.

This feature works as an opportunity to generate income

Every group can be a paid community which allows to the owner to receive money according to the subscription type or even create a decentralized community where every member gets paid via subscription.

Every group could have different roles and member types

The group creator has the ability to define diferent roles with different responsibilities. The roles allowed include admins, content managers, and billing managers.

Inside the app, users have an accurate overview of their income and payments.

Advanced E-Commerce

Stripe Connect is used to engineer marketplace infrastructure - i.e. many sellers (MySide group owners) and many buyers (MySide group members) with a business (MySide) taking commission between them.

All the essential technical infrastructure for engineering a legal marketplace that adheres to Know Your Customer (KYC) banking laws.

  • Identity / Business Verification via document scanning (Articles of Incorporation, Drivers License etc. )
  • Credit / Debit Card management to pay – i.e. group subscribers
  • Bank Account/Debit Card management to receive money – i.e. group owners.
  • Commission processing for MySide.
  • Refunds/Tax Documents

Admin panel

Our work included designing and engineering a custom admin panel linked with all the mobile app data to manage content and track core business KPIs.


Technical information

Our development plan was based on heavy research that would ensure top-tier product performance. The technologies were selected on criteria such as A. Information Safety, B. User Freedom + UX, C. App Performance, and D. Cost at Scale.