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Flowing like water: We helped Kinetico automate and optimize its workflow and improve its relationship with customers.

“>Imajine was hired to add new features to their MVP, refactor their code and design the userflow for new features



The challenge

Kinetico distributes modern water filters that have a tracking system to monitor their status.

Monitoring and measuring specific data; receive and store the data in real-time. Only a few requirements to be considered to develop this IoT project.
At Imajine we worked closely with our client to identify their specific needs and create customized solutions software.




Our solution

Our customized software helped Kinetico automate and optimize their workflow, saving time and increasing efficiency.

One of the most important features was to create an administrator dashboard to keep track of all devices, focused on the company’s requirements, so the development was based on having a robust platform that would support enough data to have a complete record of customers and their devices. This resulted in a significant increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.


Design process

Designing an admin panel for an IoT custom software involves understanding the user's needs, mapping out the functionality, and creating a clean, intuitive interface that enables efficient monitoring and control of connected devices.

1. Define information architecture for the admin panel

The information architecture consist on create different charts that we implement to have a visual reference about how the information will be organized on the platform.

For Kinetico we focused first of all on the admin panel, this way we could test how easy is to find the information on the web version before working on the app navigation map, we could view what information is actually useful for the clients and then display it on the mobile app.

3. Visual Design

We design a collections of assets thats contains a set of design elements such as UI components and styles. This UI components are elements that convey meaning and provide functionality to users.
Those elements are, fonts, layered design files, icons and documentations.
It’s necessary to have a UI kit, because we need that all those elements look harmonious.


2. Translate the UX Research into visual elements

The UX of this product was based just on the organization of the information.

The experience of our user it’s based on “how easy is to find” the data needed for them, so the visual elements are pretty basic but implemented to deliver a professional look to the product.


Admin panel

The admin panel was build to follow up all the devices installed and organize them according to locations.

Developing an admin panel for an IoT custom software requires expertise in programming languages and frameworks, integration of IoT devices, and testing for stability, scalability, and security.





With IoT devices, like those from Kinetico, you'll be in control of your systems from anywhere. Receive real-time notifications and enjoy the convenience and ease of remote monitoring and control.

All devices are connected to the admin panel, which allows for updates and alerts to be sent, such as notifications to change filters.



Technical information

Our development plan was based on implementing technologies that ensure excellent performance of the product. The integrations and technologies employed were selected based on four main aspects: keeping the information safe, giving the user complete control, achieving the best app response possible, and being compatible with iOS and Android devices.